Patron Tacos & Cantina

I was craving for nachos and decided to eat here. Good thing it was not busy and easily got a table for us. Actually the restaurant is also a sports bar so expect more sporty adventure here. The server greeted us and handed over the menu. She gave us a basket of chips with salsa while waiting for the food to arrived and she always refill our water. We ordered Patron NachosĀ it is a tortilla chips layered cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and jalapenos. If you are a meat lover you can add some meat of your choice. It was very hot when it was served to us. It was oozing with lots of cheese much better than a cheese pizza. I ate also the jalapenos I think it was preserved that made it less spicy. One of the best crunchy nachos I ever tasted so far. A little bit expensive but very worth it. 9 out of 10. Check their website for more info. Located at Robson Street.

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